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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – After a crisis situation, Siddhi now recovering in hospital

For some time now, the serial had been meandering the story of the court case, with the situation switching back and forth between the different characters in the serial. However, nowadays the TRP’s are so important, and audiences can be so fickle that serial makers cannot really afford to let serials meander so much. As a result, the last few episodes of Parichay have really seen a lot of action.
All this has to do with incidents starting with the kidnapping of Siddhi, and then the life and death situations that occur after that. So, Rohit wanted to recover the CD from Siddhi, and sent his men there, and then his men kidnapped Siddhi since they did not see any CD with her, and she started making noise. In all this, Thakral seemed the most intelligent one when compared to his children, since he knew the limits of what he can do, and certainly did not agree to any of the kidnapping or murder attempts committed by his children, and in fact scolded them thoroughly for doing all this.
So, Siddhi is kidnapped, making Kunal realize how much he really lover her, and then the situation started getting more complex, with the kidnappers chasing Siddhi and Kunal, and Richa losing her mind over this, since she actually told the kidnappers to kill Siddhi, and even gave money to them when they confirmed that they had done this. In between the police tap on the landline phone of the household told them that the kidnappers indeed did have a connection with Rohit.
However, after the shooting of Siddhi, Kunal and Siddhi found themselves at the bottom of a cliff, and Kunal managed to finally get Siddhi to a hospital, where after a lot of intense drama about her condition, the Doctors finally agreed that she was still serious, but out of danger. The police in the meantime threatened that they will arrest Rohit.

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