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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – The turnaround in court, Richa’s guilt shown up and Kunal proved innocent

For some time now, the serial has been doing the story of Richa’s case on Kunal for attempted rape, and with all the attempts being made by Kunal and Siddhi to present some sort of proof against Richa being destroyed or thwarted by Richa or by Rohit. However, after the kidnapping, things became much worse, since Richa was shown as going over the bend in her quest for Kunal, determined to get Siddhi out of the way, and paying the kidnappers more money to get Siddhi killed. After a lot of twists and turns, an injured Siddhi and Kunal finally reach hospital, but with the knowledge that the CD which showed Richa mixing something in Kunal’s drink being destroyed.
Thakral is very happy about this, since he can see that the case is being won, and his enemy Kunal will now go to jail for a long time, his career and reputation destroyed. In the meantime, he has also managed to get his son Rohit out of danger from the police, and apparently sent out of the country so that the police can never get their hands on him. And so, he is very pleased to be in court in order to see Siddhi and Kunal losing.
However, this is when things start turning topsy-turvy, with first Siddhi showing up in court in an injured fashion, and then Kunal also showing up in court. And when the judge pronounces the judgment, Rohit also shows up and denounces the plan of his sister in all this, ensuring that both Thakral and Richa are totally taken aback. And then the police also present taped conversation proof that shows the conspiracy; the judge orders Kunal to be declared innocent, and then orders cases against Richa and Rohit for whatever happened; it is later shown that Siddhi almost forced Rohit to do this since he was caught by the police (and since Rohit knew that his sister was at fault, he would not be willing to take the blame of attempted murder).

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