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Hindi TV Serial – Kya Hua Tera Vaada – Finally the news breaks, Pradeep calls off the marriage

To tell the truth, I have been finding this show a bit irritating over the past few episodes, but maybe the setting is part of the serial. They show a family going through strain, where the husband Pradeep feels that his wife is now so dedicated to family (read this as the children) and to the running of the family that she does not really have the time to spend on him. This feeling grows on him, and he has frustration with his current job where he feels that he is not valued. On the other hand, his wife Mona gives a very good representation of acting like a door-knob, letting him unleash on her whenever he wants, and not setting him right even once in a while. She just takes the pain in silence, and whenever Pradeep vents on her, she tries to figure out what her fault was.
Things however come to a pass when Pradeep is about to resign from the company because of an issue, and then suddenly his old college girl-friend, the ambitious Anushka comes into the picture as being the owner of the company. She sets things right for Pradeep, and then decides over the next few days that she was wrong to let Pradeep go in the past, and she wants him now. One of her close friends even warns her against this, but she does not listen.
So you now have Pradeep being sought by his own boss, a boss who is ambitious, who has given him promotions, and who flatters him with the attention that he is looking for, and over a period of time, Pradeep even starts having a relationship with her, under the nose of Mona who does not know all this, and who even believes that Anushka is a good friend to her.
And then there is an accident that causes Pradeep to blurt out his true feelings about Anushka, something which Mona overhears, and then in front of both sets of parents, Pradeep declares that his marriage is over, that he cannot stay with Mona anymore (and anyhow, this was a forced marriage), and he is going to stay with Anushka, she is ambitious like the person he wanted. On the other hand, in Mona’s house, her father is not very comfortable with her coming back to stay with them, since he cannot deal with what people will say about this.

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