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Hindi TV Serial – Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – Rashmi getting closer to knowing the truth

It is often said that when you start lying, things get more tricky and you get embroiled in more lying. Now, Hindi serials are often involved with a lot of lying, and the same thing is happening in the serial as well, but this one is not for wrong reasons, but more because Mohan wants to prevent Rashmi from getting to know the truth about him. When Megha sees Rashmi meeting Mohan in the store, and sees the way she is asking him questions, including telling him that his life would never be good after she left, Megha felt that she could not let this happen to Megha. So, she steps in as his wife, and tells a shocked Rashmi (and to some extent, a shocked Mohan) that she is the wife and there are 2 children. Now Rashmi is shocked, but this does not stop at this point; lies can never stop at one point.
So Rashmi invites Mohan and family to the farmhouse, and surprisingly, Megha agrees to go, and then things get even more tricky. They are unable to leave in the night, and then even more strangely, Mohan and Megha end up sleeping in the same room, something that can be a shocker for Hindi Serials. They are able to avoid scandal, somehow or the other, but things are getting more complicated. Megha turns up at the house, but somehow they are able to prevent the family from knowing; Things will keep on happening till some time that Rashmi will get to know the truth; for example, she sent a courier with photos of the picnic to the house, and this will contain photos of Megha and Mohan (Megha had gone to the farmhouse by claiming that there is a summer camp).
In the meantime, Mohan has used the opportunity to reveal everything he feels about Megha, and she does not dismiss this, but there is no reciprocation of feelings.

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