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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – The affair between Gaurav and a young girl

Serial makers can spin a story out of nowhere. So soon after the story of Richa and Kunal came to an end with the arrest of Richa, there is a new story seemingly introduced without any prior notice. Till now Gaurav has been shown as a dedicated family man, with children and a loving wife in the form of Seema. And then suddenly they show an affair in which Gaurav is involved. And all this is found by Siddhi who goes to a house inhabited for 3 young girls in order to ask them for eviction proceedings, and this is denied by the inhabitants of the house one of whom claims that the house is owner by her boy-friend and hence there is no way that they can be kicked out of the house.
Now that this new story has been introduced, Siddhi seems more incidents like this, including Gaurav in the company of that girl Akasha. But finally the story comes in front of Seema who does a huge drama in front of Gaurav, since she believes that Gaurav has been betraying his family. However, Gaurav manages to turn tables on the whole incident by first getting his father-in-law to confirm that the house was indeed bought as a gift, and then when the girl is called to the house, she is already warned by Gaurav through a text message and denies that there is anything such as an affair between them, and Seema and the family believe this. However Siddi is pretty sure about what she saw and is now out to prove that there is indeed an affair between them; the interesting thing is that inspite of all this happening (and even though his job is with his father-in-law), he continues the affair.

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