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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – Purvi shocked once she comes to know of Ovi and Arjun

The serial is really taking a long time to get to the conclusion of this story. There is Archana, her daughters are all in the same area and with a huge amount of coincidence, both Ovi and Teju now know her, but not as their mother. Archana on the other hand is enjoying the time that she is able to spend with them, and knows that with the image of their mother they have in their head, they may behave in any way once they get to know the truth about who Archana is.
The serial has shown the entry of Ovi, shown her to be very possessive about Arjun, and also a surprise party for Arjun where the engagement of Arjun and Ovi is announced (seems very surprising, since for a person such as Arjun, who is shown to have a strong personality, who would actually do a party where his engagement is announced). The result of this engagement is that Purvi is shocked, since she had finally become closer to Arjun after a lot of persuasion, and this was a big shock to her. This was Arjun’s fault since he did not tell her about this prior relationship that he had, and also because he knew that she was a conservative girl, who would not easily accept a romance, and then for her to get shocked suddenly like this would be real bad.
On the other hand, the serial shows Ovi to be a rude and spoilt girl, who calls on Archana for some help shopping and then scolds her for being late, and further uses the threat of Manav’s position to get Archana to call her Maam. Although later she did briefly apologize, it showed her to be very rude.

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