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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Kunal very angry with Siddhi about her going to Akasha’s flat

Things are going problematic for Siddhi. Even though there is a lot of happiness for her pregnancy, she is very worried about what Gaurav is doing to Seema by having an affair with Akasha, who is a young girl. In the beginning, Siddhi is able to get the family on her side, but then Gaurav is able to convince everyone that there is no affair, that the flat has been bought with the knowledge of Seema’s father and that Siddhi has no proof about this affair. And in a idiotic scene, the girl herself is brought to their home, where she expectedly denies that there is any affair. So now all is well, Siddhi story is not to be believed, but that does not stop her.
She hears Garuav talking on the phone where he wants Akasha to move to a new flat, so that there is no more tension on this issue, and is not found out. She still is sure that Gaurav is in an immoral relationship, and decides to go to the flat to find out more and see whether she can get more evidence, and manages to enter the flat. However, Akasha is leaving, and ends up locking Siddhi inside the flat. Now, Siddhi is locked inside the flat, and she does get support from Kunal who is outside. However, there was a trip to Kashmir that Gaurav had arranged for them to get them out of the way, and so they are not able to do this trip.
The impact of this flat stay is that the family is very angry at Siddhi’s attempt to find out more (blaming her for trying to create gaps between Seema and gaurav, and Seema does not believe what Siddi is saying about this relationship any more). Kunal is also very angry, and is ignoring whatever Siddhi is doing to try and cool him down.
And Veena is on her own track, relating everything to the coming arrival of her dead son Anand in the name of Siddhi’s baby, creeping everybody out.

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