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Hindi TV Serial – Diya aur Bati Hum – Finally, a confrontation between Sandhya and Suraj

For a long time now, the serial has been showing Suraj being the supporter of Sandhya in the house, even when Bhabho was trying to kick her out of the house. However, ever since Suraj saw the divorce papers, he was shocked and his behavior was totally changed. From that time on, his behavior towards Sandhya had changed. He decided that his family and his own self was not suitable for Sandhya, and wanted to reach a set of conditions where she would leave the house and then would be able to whatever she wanted to do. As a result, from that time on, he would put a lot more pressure on Sandhya, scolding her in public when something happened, or would blame her for things that in the past he would have supported. This was a shocker to Sandhya, and even to his own family members, specifically to Bhabhasa; and finally Bhabhasa decided to confront Suraj about what happened for his change in behavior and Suraj tells him the real reason, about letting Sandhya go.
However, things reach a head at the proposed marriage of Chavi, where everybody suspects that it was because of Sandhya that the marriage got postponed by 1 year, and there is a public confrontation. However, with Bhabhasa about to get involved, Suraj calls her to the room and then confronts her about the divorce papers and then refuses to listen to whatever she had to say, and finally says that he is turning her out of the house.

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