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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – The reunion of Suraj and Sandhya

The confrontation between Suraj and Sandhya was reaching critical heights. It was apparent to everyone in the house (and even to outsiders) that there was huge turmoil between Suraj and Sandhya, and that Suraj, far from supporting her in the past as he used to do, was instead the one who was pushing Sandhaya out of the house. Bhabhasa was the only one who knew the reason as to why Suraj as behaving like he was, but was unable to tell the reason for the same. Even Bhabho was astounded when she came to know about the behavior that Suraj was exhibiting.
And so it happens that Suraj drives her out of the house, even though he suffers great pain from what happened; on the other hand Sandhaya is horrified at what is happening to her. But they finally call her brother and tell him that she will be leaving the house. And they depart, with Sandhaya being put in a bus to leave from there.
And then the turnaround happens ? Suraj learns that the bus in which Sandhaya left had an accident and is now searching for her, and then he finds her. And in this time of high emotion, the truth comes out from both sides, with Suraj learning that it was not Sandhaya who was behind the divorce papers, but her friend Preeti. He also tells her the reason for his behavior, and thus they decide to come back to the house where they are welcomed by all the house members.

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