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Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – Anita finally leaves from the house, but not before almost causing a tragedy

The incident with regard to Anita being in the house and causing problems for Gopi have dragged on in the serial for some time now. After the trick played by Rashi (where she managed to get Anita and Ahem shown in a compromising position at Anita’s marriage), Anita’s marriage was broken off and she fell ill. At that stage, the Modi household decided that she would be a guest in their house, since the reason for the breaking of the relationship was the compromising position that she was caught in along with Ahem. After she came to the house, Anita started feeling that Gopi was not the right kind of wife, that she was more suitable for Ahem, and after all, she was earlier in Ahem’s life.
Based on this, Anita started make her stance, and Kokila along with Rashi pretty clearly understood what was happening, and since Koki knew that Gopi was so simple, she would not easily understand what was happening. But Koki understood and got Rashi on her side (for Rashi, Anita in the house as the elder daughter-in-law would be a far more difficult game than poor simple Gopi who was easy to manipulate). So Koki started the fightback, challenging Anita to multiple competitions where each time Gopi won even though Anita tried several tricks.
Bitter after all these fights, Anita went beyond the normal level, trying a tactic where Gopi would get burnt in the kitchen due to leaking gas. Like all well laid plans, this one went wrong, with Ahem being in the kitchen when the fire started. While everybody was just shocked, Gopi got a blanket and jumped into the kitchen and got Ahem out. After this, everybody was all praise for Gopi and then Koki remembered the circumstances and realized that Anita would be behind all this. She got Anita to admit to all this, and when Anita claimed that she did out of love for Ahem, Ahem strongly refuted all this, and said that he was now hating Anita. As a result, at the conclusion of all this, Anita decided to leave the house.

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