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Hindi TV Serial – Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – Mohan fired upon, misunderstandings coming up

The serial suddenly is taking a different twist, trying to create a small diversion in the script (and one does not know whether this will be a small diversion or a change in the script). In the course of a new story research, the journalists at the paper are told that this is a very dangerous assignment, since the group at the other end is a drugs group, prone to violence and threatening people. Mohan is on the rebound from a rebuff that Megha gave him, coupled with a slap. On this rebound, he agrees for this assignment, and Megha is aghast. However, when she tries to stop him, he asks her the same question as earlier, with what right is she trying to stop him. She has no answer and he goes home and then leaves for the assignment. However, since Megha does have feelings for him, she goes after him. Mohan is now running for his life with the gang after him, after he managed to take a lot of hidden photos inside the location. They come across a marriage procession, where all 3 are present – Mohun, Megha and the goons. In front of Megha the goons fire into Mohan’s chest and she hurries him off to the hospital. This quick action of stopping his blood flow and rushing him to the hospital saves the life of Mohan, with doctors also stating the same.
In the hospital, Mohan’s mother berates Megha for not stopping him when she knew that he was going into danger, telling her that she should go away from Mohan’s life and let him lead it away from her. In the meantime, at Megha’s house, a letter written by Mohan is seen as coming from Amar, and the net result is that the household feels that Megha should get re-married, as per the wishes of Amar, and she also finally agrees. However, when Megha’s father-in-law visits Mohan, he is going there to offer insurance without being explicit about it, and it is misunderstood that he is telling Mohan that he should get married to Megha.

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