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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Priya sentenced to 14 years in jail

Sometimes the legal situation shown in serials can be right absurd. For one, within a few days of a situation, the trial happens and it concludes within a few days, and for people who have been involved with the legal situation, they know how absurd such depiction actually is.
In the case of Priya, it was her own sister who actually spoilt the case for her and did not understand what she had done, the only thing she knew was that she was in love with Sid, and hence was willing to lie for him in court to prevent him from going to jail; even though this meant that this would prove that Priya was responsible for everything.
Further, in court, whatever Nutz may have done, as long as she has not lied in court, her evidence should be believed and for her testimony in court to be dismissed as the prosecution lawyer wanted (and without any objection by the defense lawyer) seemed very strange.
In the end, even after all the testimony from everybody regarding how Priya had such a good character, the judge was convinced and delivered a judgment holding Priya guilty for the incident where fake medical supplies were provided and sentencing her to 14 years in jail. Mama, Sid and Niharika were happy over this, but everybody else was very devastated over all this.
After this, the scene shifts where Ram is trying to work out the legal ways of delaying the judgment / applying to the higher court. On the other side, Sid is doing his further planning of how to actually kill Ram in an accident, so that he gets all the property, and when Niharika initially objects to all this, he even threatens her to not get in his way.

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