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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – First Archana and then Purvi getting defamed and humiliated

Hindi serials have a unique sense of what is right and wrong. The right person can make one wrong move, and it is caught out and highlighted instantly while the wrong person can keep on doing wrong things, spoiling the life of other people and nothing happens – something you can have decades before something happens. In the current case, both Archana and Purvi have to suffer humiliation for actions that would not even be wrong, but characters such as Manjusha and Savita do not have to suffer for whatever they have done.
For many months now, Archana has seen her daughters getting closer to her, although she also knows that Savita has filled them so much with hate that they only hate her, and so she does not let them know about who she actually is. However, soon after Savita comes there, she lets them know about who Archana actually is, and the secret is out. Instinctively, both Teju and Ovi start to dislike / hate Archana for whatever she is, and it is difficult for Archana to stand this sudden hatred from somebody who she has come to love, ever since she has met them.
On the other hand, Purvi is in a far worse condition. She finally fell in love with Arjun, but Arjun never told her about his agreement with Ovi for marriage, and suddenly she gets to know about this once Ovi lands up in India. Her own cousin Punni is looking to take revenge on Purvi and tells Ovi about a girl who is in the way, and then finally tells Ovi in a roundabout way that Purvi is that girl, and Purvi then gets a slap from Ovi. Her parents are supporting her since they believe that Purvi can never do anything like this, but do they know everything ?

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