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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Krishna sentenced, but the truth about Tanmay starts to come out

Seems like a perfect crime. Tanmay wants to get all the money from the Professor, and also has a grudge against Adarsh and also against Krishna. So the perfect crime happens, where Adarsh is shown running away from Krishna and Krishna threatening Adarsh for harming Komal. Tanmay uses this as an excuse and strangles Adarsh and Krishna shows up soon after. He is then arrested for the murder, and since he is already a goonda and has threatened Adarsh, there is a lot of belief that he did the murder. He even has to convince Pratigya that he did not do the crime.
Now, the court case is on, and the evidence is against Krishna. However, there is the case of the missing mobile phone belonging to Adarsh and the police put surveillance on the photo (which is shut down). Adrash, crazily, still has the phone and has kept it in a suitcase. Arushi brings down the suitcase searching for something and then the little kid finds the phone, recognizes the phone as belonging to her dead father, and switches it on. The police surveillance detects that the phone is switched on and is now located inside the Professor’s house.
Pratigya, along with the police team, raids the house and arrests Tanmay. In the police station, the police try to beat out the truth from him, but he does not give up so easily. His lawyer also advices on what to do in court, while Arushi tells Pratigya that she wants to find the truth, and that Tanmay had been behaving strangely for some time now. Now, Pratigya also has the instrument used to strangle Adarsh, will this be enough to convict Tanmay. And what will an angry Krishna do to Tanmay ?

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