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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Parvati trying to get Mahadev to agree to marry her

Mythological serials are pretty popular on Indian television. When Ramayan and Mahabharta used to come on Doordarshan decades back, it used to be that India used to come to a standstill and the Government would ensure that there was no power cuts during that time, else there would be rioting. Even now, with so many mythological serials having come and gone, they have a certain attraction, and they also explain some of the beliefs to those people who otherwise do not have any knowledge of Indian mythology and the origin of the Hindu religion.
Typically serials tends to have more of Ram, or Krishna, with serials on Lord Shiva / Mahadev being lesser in number. The serial on Life OK is fairly fine, having the usual drama that forms part of the mythology of the gods. In the case of Lord Shiva, the serial has already covered the life and death of Sati, where she killed herself over the dis-respect shown to her husband, Mahadev by her powerful father Daksha. Shiva went on a rampage over this, sending powerful creatures who killed Daksha and others at the party, but then at the urging of other gods, Shiva gave back life to all of them.
Now, the gods need to get Parvati and Mahadev to get married, their child will be the killer of a very powerful demon; Parvati knows her future, and she is also a reincarnation of Sati. But Mahadev is putting obstacles in her path, he does not want to down the same route as Sati, and is also too much into the memories of Sati. Others such as Lord Vishnu, Narad, and Nandi are trying to best to support Parvati in her quest, and have now sent her on the path of strict prayer to Mahadev, since that would be the way for the union to happen.

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