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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – Suraj and Sandhya heading to Delhi for the cooking competition

Some change in the serial, there will be some time when there will be more of Suraj and Sandhya and less of the politics of the household. For the past several days, ever since there was the news of a cooking contest and Sandhya inspired Suraj to take part in the contest, the happenings in the house have been focused on the cooking contest. To some extent, there was resistance in the house, with Mohit mocking Suraj until he got a blasting from Bhabho about this. On the other side, Bhabho herself was not comfortable with the cooking contest and Sandhya found out from Bhabho the reason for this – apparently Suraj had once lost a race in his early days and carried the defeat for quite some time; Bhabho did not want him to suffer like this.
On the + side, Bhabhasa and Chotu were full supporters of the scheme to send Suraj for the cooking contest, that too it being an international cooking contest and very prestigious. Suraj himself was some hesitant, but Sandhya kept on pushing him and he agreed.
Bhabho does not want others in the locality to know about this, since there will be a number of people who will talk about this, and she does not want others to talk about this, so when Daisa comes to the house, Bhabho changes the conversation – she also tells Meena separately that she should not try any of her tactics about this cooking contest.

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