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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – Arjun moves out of home, Teju somewhat changing her views about Archana

Soon after it was clear that Arjun, even though caught under circumstances, was actually engaged to Ovi, and was also in love with Purvi, things got a bit messy. Archana took the lead in singling him out as a character not worth either of her daughters, and forbid the relation with Ovi (well, actually, Ovi or Savita would not listen to Archana, it was the other family members who also agreed about this even though Ovi still is under the belief that Arjun is still in love with her and does not really believe what the others are saying).
In the meantime, when Arjun tries to get in touch with Purvi, Archana does not allow it and asks Arjun about his own entity, that his current position is only because of his father’s company; that if he really had the necessary abilities, he should earn Rs. 10,000 per month. Arjun takes that as a challenge, and when Maanav comes to DK with a request to let him leave from the company (since Arjun had deceived his daughter), Arjun does not let him go and instead decides to move out from the company. He also moves out of the home, and moves into the same chawl as where Purvi is staying. This leads to more chances of meeting Purvi as well as her family members. Archana has set a condition for Purvi that she will not meet Arjun in any case.
On the other side, Teju is starting to realize the nature of Archana, and although from time to time she does tell Archana off about relations, she does realize what all Archana and Sulochana did for her, and continue to do, and is slowly starting to reconsider as to what is happening. However, the promise given by Archana to Sachu prevents her from telling the whole truth.

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