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Hindi TV Serial – Kya Hua Tera Vaasa – Mona gets promoted very high, seems very strange

A lot of people would have seen the movie called ‘Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke’ where a cute Aamir Khan was trying to save his factory from the clutches of a rich vengeful man, and even when he had completed the order, his truck was stolen and he finally recovered the truck and everything became good again.
Kya Hua Tera Vaasa had almost a similar episode, where Mona was stuck in a major trap set by Anushka, with Mona not wanting the workers of a part of the company to be fired since it was going to be closed down. Anushka was of course wanting those workers to be fired, but Mona, goaded by anushka, agreed to a promise whereby if the unit was turned around in 3 months, everything would be fine, but if not, she would leave the company. And then, for some time, nothing happened.
And then, the new owner of the company came to India, and noticed that the unit had not been shut down; he became angry and Anushka fed the anger, to the extent, he claimed that since there were only 2 days left to complete the order, if the order was not completed, he would fire Mona. Mona was scared, but then managed to recruit a group of women’s activists, with the help of Anushka’s mother. When Anushka got to know, she goaded her mother to remove the activists, but then Mona spoke to her again and things were all right again and the production was completed.
But, the truck was hijacked, and they set out in pursuit, finally managed to catch the truck, get the completed items, beat up the hijackers, get to know that Anushka was involved; then the client got the order, was happy and everybody was happy. Further, the boss got to know that Anushka was involved, which caused her a lot of shame, and then the surprise announcement – Mona was made the President of the company, at the same level as Anushka, and now senior to Pradeep.
This was a very very surprising development, and one wonders how Mona could have been made the President, she does not have the experience or the competence level as of now; very surprising since one would have expected the serial to show the slower growth of Mona.

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