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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – The re-appearance of Varsha and Soham

For some time, there has been the concept of getting Varsha and Soham in the picture as well. Ever since Varsha ran away with Soham and then apparently died in an accident, there was tension between Manav and Archana, also because Manav blamed Archana for the actions of Varsha, that she tried to be too good for Varsha without bothering about what Varsha wanted to do; this was one of the reasons why Manav was angry with Archana, and then the actions of Savita where she mis-guided Manav about her discussions with Archana increased this detachment.
In recent times, Savita saw that Teju was getting closer to Archana, and decided that it was time to turn them against Archana and hence told them the story about Soham and Varsha, but with a twist where she blamed Archana for a lot of what happened. As a result, both Ovi and Teju are again against Archana, and this time Archana is angry about what happened and will tell off Savita for what she is doing, threatening her that she knows what all happened and the role of Savita.
They are also showing Varsha and Soham now, where Varsha ran away from there and went off to Patna, with Varsha wanting to never come back so that they cannot be found anymore. But Soham, now known as Vishnu, is now part of a gang and part of the gang’s plan is to kidnap Manav since he is a rich guy; in the meantime, Manav knows that somebody is after him.

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