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Hindi TV Serial – Hitler Didi – cancer taking the life of Indira

The serial shows Indira taking care of her family after her father has left them for another woman. As a result, she has become much harder and dominant, earning the name of Hitler Didi for her domineering ways; but she takes care of her family and does not even mind telling off her father. Over a period of time, there comes some change in her life when she gets a new tenant Rishi, and over a period of time, and under some circumstances, she gets married to Rishi.
Indira does not really feel anything towards the marriage at first, but later she does feel the bond and some more circumstances later, they have a good married relationship. However, there is more drama to come, with Indira being diagnosed with a brain tumor and this is a terminal disease. Her financial situation is not so good and the treatment for this tumor is not definite and very expensive, so she is not able to try that treatment. Further, she has not yet told even Rishi about this, in fact Rishi and everybody else in the house has come to believe that her medical issues are because she is pregnant.
Now Indira is worried about how her family will cope without her and how her husband will also cope without her, given how close he is now to her. She gets a shop started for her family and also prompts Rishi to apply for a job so that atleast there is some financial security once she is gone and she can no longer provide for them.

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