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Hindi TV Serial – Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – The marriage between Megha and Mohan happens, but ..

The serial has shown something that is really not tasteful. For a long time Mohan was in love with Megha but Megha was reluctant to return the expression, and she did not really actually realize her feelings till the time that just before her wedding to somebody else and that too after Mohan came to her house drunk and expressed all his feelings in front of somebody. He went away not knowing that Megha had finally accepted, and then he was called to the hospital where Riddhima’s father was in a bad condition and wanted Mohan to get married to Riddhima.
In that state in which he was in, Mohan got married, partly due to the emotional pressure that was being exerted. So he got married to Riddhima and then got told that Megha was ready to get married to him, thus leading him to a very difficult position. The way he handled this situation was to tell Riddhima about the situation with Megha; whereby Riddhima told him that she will not hold up him to the marriage and that he can get married with Megha. Mohan agrees to this without any issue and does not even tell Megha about what has happened to him.
Finally, the marriage happens and Megha is very happy about what has happened; and then Riddhima calls Mohan and they sign the papers of divorce (one wonders whether the temple marriage was even registered for their need to sign proper divorce papers); and then Riddhima comes and tells Megha everything, about how Mohan was trapped. Megha is furious, more so about that Mohan did not tell her about this – but since this serial never really gets very serious like other serials, there is a thought that this anger will not last for very wrong.

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