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Hindi TV Serial – Kuch To Log Kahenge – Nidhi and Ashutosh have a tiff and are separate for now

As usual, there are ego clashes between the 2, where Dr. Ashutosh is not able to understand the feelings that Nidhi has towards Mallika, while Nidhi is not able to understand why her husband cannot feel what she is feeling. So, when Dr. Mallika is found in an unstable condition and Ashutosh cares for her, Nidhi is unable to understand as to how he can do that when Mallika tried to poison her and otherwise make her life hell with her accusations and actions against Nidhi.
Further, this was compounded by the tension that was happening between Nidhi and Ashutosh over having a child, since Nidhi did not want to have a child immediately while Dr. Ashutosh did not understand why there was a need for a delay.
So, things come to a crisis when Nidhi confronts Dr. Ashutosh and decides to leave the house, and then her husband, instead of doing the normal action of trying to stop her and otherwise cajole her in dropping her emotional responses, responded angrily that he would not stop her from leaving the house. They still meet at the hospital, but there is a coldness due to the argument, something that their family and friends are trying to solve, partly by creating a situation (such as in the operating theatre) where they spend more time together.

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