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Hindi TV Serials – Diya Aur Bati Hum – The truth about RK, and about Chaturi

The household is very confused since Chathuri has been missing for some time. It was in a skirmish with Meena that Chathuri fell down a cliff and ever since then Meena is very worried that she caused the death of Chaturi and somebody is going to hold her accountable. On the other hand, Sandhya is sure that there is some problem and that there are strange things going on. She was able to detect that there was an internet connection on somewhere in the vicinity while there is actually nobody nearby who has internet connectivity.
Further, RK is shown to be in cahoots with terrorists, up to some suspicious behavior. While Meena is worried about news of Chaturi, RK is trying to ensure that his deeds do not get caught. And then they show more complexity, where Sandhya and Bhabho want to leave for Chathuri’s village to find out more news and Meena is trying to figure out how to stop them. And who helps Meena in this, it is Rajkumar who has Chathuri captured and who gets her to make a phone call where she tells them that everything is fine and that there is no need for anybody to come. However, Sandhya remains suspicious since the letter that had come from Chathuri had a different postmark than that of her village and remains convinced that there is some problem.

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