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Hindi TV Serials – Pavitra Rishta – Truth emerges about the role played by Savita

For a long time, there has been a lot about discussion about the various acts done by Savita in the serial, and the pressure that came upon Archana. Even 18 years ago, when Savita mis-communicated the correspondence between Archana and Manav when he was leaving for Canada, she did not carry the message to Archana that Manav was sending her the tickets. Further, she also told Manav something else which caused Manav to believe that Archana was not ready to go with him to Canada. Even after this, she also kept on pushing his children against Archana, and also totally pushed Sachin against Archana.
So when Manav finally met Archana, she was already under a lot of emotional pressure to listen to what Sachin was saying, especially since Sachin was pressuring her, backed up by Savita. Her children, Ovi and Teju, also believed that Archana had deserted them, and was just after Manav’s money. So, when they get to know that Archana is their mother, they suddenly turn against her and she is badly hurt. Manav is already resigned to his divorce since he believes that Archana wants this divorce and wants alimony.
In the end, however, Teju overhears a conversation between Sachu and Savita which tells her that the signature on the divorce is not from Archana and then she tells Manav about all this, and then the truth comes out that it was Savita behind all this. Manav is furious, blaming Savita for keeping him away from his wife and his children away from their mother, and that he will now also keeps away from Savita to show her what this means.

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