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Hindi TV Serial – Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – Megha supports Mohan after Riddhima shows up

The show meandered into uncertain territory because of the sudden presence of Riddhima in Mohan’s life. Soon after Mohan went away from Megha’s house, he got a call that Riddhima’s father was very serious, and in this emotional turmoil, he married Riddhima not knowing that Megha has finally accepted that she loves him. Further, soon after, when he learns, he talks to Riddhima and she accepts that their marriage was only under stress and she agrees to a divorce.
So, Mohan marries Megha without getting divorced from Riddhima, and it was clear to everybody that this situation would come back to him sometime. However, the show tries to ensure that it never gets really serious, and hence, even when Renu bhabhi discovers the truth about Riddhima and ensures that the family also learns about it, Megha stands up for Mohan. Even when her father-in-law says that the marriage was a fraud and has also slapped Mohan, she tells Riddhima that Mohan is her husband and that Riddhima should stay away. There was the fear that Megha would reject Mohan when she learns the truth, but this does not happen.

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