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Hindi TV Serial – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Dadi gets to see Garima

For quite some time, there has been a lot of controversy about why Garima has been staying away from Dadi, since they show Garima taking any number of excuses to not be present in front of Dadi. The show leaves the reason for the same in suspense for some time, but over a period of time, the viewers are told that the tragedy in Arnav’s life which caused the death of his mother was the perceived presence of another woman in his father’s life. And the audience can easily guess where this entire discussion is going, that Garima would be the mystery woman who everybody in the family would blame for the death of the father.
On the other hand, the strategy taken by Shyam seems to be working. He manipulated an accident for Anjali which lead to the death of her unborn child, with the thought that this would mean that she would become emotionally weak, and hence he could make his re-entry into the house. Over the resistance of Arnav, this seemed to be working, since Anjali (on the coaching of Shyam) became more adamant that she wanted Shyam in the house and was not having her food. Eventually, Khushi got Shyam back, without telling Arnaav, and they had a few tense moments. Shyam was over-joyed at his plan working, but was not going to stop at this, he had to make all of them pay for what they did to him.
On the other side, Dadi had a confrontation with Garima, and recognizing her, told Garima that she would not let her daughters into the house, so although the elder daughter was there, the younger daughter would not be allowed in. Shyam was watching this and was happy, but then later Dadi turned and did not raise any objections. Why she did this is not clear.

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