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Hindi TV serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Priya meets her family again, her father very troubled

So finally Priya gets to meet her family members again. Her sister and now biggest rival, Ayesha, already knows that she is alive, and is dreading the prospect of her meeting Ram again, since that would threaten her position. After all, Ayesha was married to Ram only because of the prospect of her having a child from Sid without marriage, and when Priya was presumed dead; and she knows that otherwise the relationship between Ram and Ayesha does not have a lot of weight. But at the same time, this marriage has elevated her status to a very high degree, to the extent that Natasha now has a lower social status than her.
In the meantime, Priya was back in Mumbai to search for Kady, and this job over, she decided to roam around the city, showing off the various parts of the city that were her favorite parts, to her daughter Pihu. And then, at a marriage function at the same location where she and Ram got married, she runs accidentally into Ram. This meeting causes Ram to get into so much shock that Priya rushes to hospital, and admits Ram, and it takes some time for Ram to recover from the shock and to get back in a stable condition.
When ayesha realizes that Ram is in hospital, she rushes there and soon learns from the admittance register that Priya was indeed alive, with her position very shaken. Another casualty of this is Rajat, since he was on the verge of asking Priya to marry him, and then he learns that the person she was deeply in love with was Ram, his best friend. And then her family also arrives to the hospital, and runs into her; they are all deeply shocked, her father is very deeply impacted and while meeting with Pihu, he does not speak to Priya. She does explain the series of circumstances that happened.

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