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Hindi TV Serials – Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain – Finally Maanvi had the operation and things are fine .. almost

The serial about 2 sisters shows the ultimate sacrifice that one sister makes for the other. The sisters are Jeevika and Maanvi, with Jeevika being the elder sister. It took some time for Maanvi to accept the marriage of Jeevika and Viren, but she accepted it. And then she started getting close to Jeevika’s brother-in-law, Virat, although there were thoughts that his family would not accept it too much. In between, there was a lot of drama (as you would expect in serials) with there being a lot of doubt about Viraat’s ability to accept responsibility and even causing a loss to the company, but finally things started getting accepted.
And then came her illness, her cancer. This was revealed in a series of disclosures, with Virat getting to know this only after there was an occasion where Jeevika needed blood and Maanvi refused to donate blood. It was at this time that Maanvi finally told Virat about her illness. The illness track was extended for quite some time, until they started showing possible cures – the main cure was supposed to be a transplant from her sister, Jeevika, which would save her life. Also, in the meantime, the engagement of Virat and Maanvi was accepted by the families, which seemed much more tough, but it finally happened.
The complication was that Jeevika was pregnant, a news that was welcomed by the family members with the expected incredible happiness, until it became clear that the transplant would need her to do an abortion. Maanvi was horrified at this news, and refused to let her sister do an abortion, to save her own life. She even filed a court case for the same. In the end, Jeevika lied to everybody except Viren, went and did an abortion, and then did the donation for the transplant. Maanvi was horrified when she got to know the news, and so was Swamini, who essentially was very upset with Jeevika for thinking only about her sister, and not the family.

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