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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – The emergence of Varsha

As they say, photos capture everything and everybody and can be used in serials and dramas to highlight stuff that people otherwise miss. So is the scene with Varsha, who showed up in secret at the engagement ceremony, and people did not see her, but she got captured in one photo that was seen by Purvi. Purvi got to know just a few days back about Varsha and Soham, told to her by Sulochna. However, at the same time, Purvi also got to know that according to all of them, she had died 18 years back, and for Sulochana and Archana, she had died for them when she ran away with Soham. So, when Purvi sees her in the photo of the engagement party, and then actually runs into her at the Ganapati function, she is shocked. Varsha sees this girl getting astounded, does not know who she is, but wants to go away from there; however, at the same time, she also wants to take away Vishnu from there since she is seeing that Vishnu is trying to steal the expensive necklace that is there on the statues.
Purvi tells Archana about this, but Archana does not want to know about this; however, when she sees Varsha in the photo, she is astounded, but also realizes that if Varsha did not die, then her Soham would also be alive. On the other side, no one is really talking to Savita now since it was clear to everybody about the role she played in the separation of Maanav and Archana.
There is a huge amount of tension between Arjun and Purvi. Even though Arjun was married off almost forcefully to Ovi, he could not forget Purvi and she could not forget him, so she tries to avoid situations where she would run into Arjun. She also agrees to move to the Deshmukh house to stay with Manav and Archana.

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