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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Ache Lagte Hain – Ayesha to turn more negative after Priya shows up

There were a few people who were speculating that after Priya shows up, everything will be fine again, and there will be quick reconciliations, but serials don’t work on that basis. First of all, there is the big open question about the marriage between Ram and Ayesha, even though it was meant to shelter Ayesha when she was pregnant with Sid’s child. The marriage, even though it did not give any emotional shelter to Ayesha, gave her a status very different from what she had earlier. She was now much feted, had a lot of press appeal, and so on. The re-appearance of Priya threatens all that, and the serial has moved Ayesha into a negative role, where she will look to challenge Priya and claim her status as the wife.
The legal position on that is apparently not so simple, since Ram is technically guilty of bigamy, but if he had got a legal death certificate for Priya (which in itself is pretty difficult, since the lack of a body would take this into a case where he would have to wait before a death certificate could be issued), then the marriage would be legal. Right now, I believe that the marriage between Ram and Ayesha is illegal, and Priya remains the legal married wife.
There was a confrontation between Priya and Ayesha, where Ayesha wanted to make her position clear, she is the wife and will not agree to any kind of status for Priya. However, in the normal tone of Priya, she denied that she had any motives, did not use Pihu as a way to get closer to Ram and so on, but she did make a position clear. She told Ayesha that she would not go away until Ram told her to go away, which Ayesha knows is a difficult thing. At the same time, Mamaji was trying to create doubts about the closeness between Priya and Rajat in Dubai.

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