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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Ram very angry at Priya, wants Pihu

For those who were expecting a reconciliation between Priya and Ram, the serial initially gave rise to these expectations. When they showed Ram getting up, and calling Priya, Priya had a dream whereby Ram and she had a nice interaction. However, at the same time, things could be getting problematic was clear when they showed Ram thinking of the different time periods when Pihu was growing up, whether this be the first time that she was going to school, and so on. Ram could see himself at these times, but was not able to make his presence felt, and you could see that things were not going well, since he was getting in a angrier mood.
And so when the interaction between Ram and Priya finally went, Ram was shown in an extreme anger mode. Even in the past, whenever Ram was angry, he would never listen to what anybody else was saying and only after he had cooled down were things explained to him and in some cases, he would realize that he was making a mistake.
Ram finally told Priya that he was not interested in the marriage, and he wanted the custody of Pihu, wanted to ensure that the time period for which he was deprived of the presence of Pihu, he wanted to ensure that Piya suffered the same period of deprivation. Now, the next few episodes might be about what the rest of the family would do to ensure that Ram’s anger went down and there was a reconciliation between Ram and Priya, but one does not know what further Ayesha will do.

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