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Hindi TV Serial – Kya Hua Tera Vaada – Seamier side of Anu revealed

Things are getting more complicated. As if the broken relationship between Pradeep and Mona was not enough, there was the planning going on for 2 marriages, the marriage between Pradeep and Anuska, and the marriage between Mona and Vineet. For quite some time, Mona was shown as very unenthusiastic about marriage between her and Vineet, but both Vineet and her father-in-law, Alok, were very keen. Vineet’s parents were not enthusiastic about their son marrying a divorcee who has 3 children, but finally they are also agreed. Others in the household such as Mallika, the sister-in-law is trying to intervene but nobody is really listening to her.
Till now they have shown Anushka as an arrogant and strong willed person, who will do whatever she has to do; but now they are showing more details about her, such as the fact that she is already married and actually had done fraud in a previous company. They do all this by introducing a new character, Shaurya, who scares Anushka whenever she hears his voice on the phone; and then he lands there and starts threatening Anushka by saying that he will reveal the truth about her to everybody unless she gives him a lot of money. She does not have that kind of money, and starts looking for money, primarily to see where she can steal this much money.
Things get interesting, since Mona finds out about his background and tells everybody in the house to beware of him, but then Anushka slaps Mona but before something else can happen, Suhasi tells her that Anushka is the daughter of the house while Mona is moving out and hence should listen to Anushka. Mona is not very happy about this, but accepts it and also persuades Alok about this. The next item of discussion is about whose marriage will Alok and Suhasi attend, if both of them fall on the same date.

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