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Hindi TV Serial – Anamika – A new serial trying to mix paranormal and romance

If you have been watching Sony for some time, then you would have seen the ads for the serial called Anamika, a serial that talks about the presence of a chudail in the love life and how this scares the girl involved to a large degree. The serial has only recently started and has just […]

Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Madhu’s love for RK now coming out

The serial is taking its own time to get to a point. For quite some time, the serial showed how RK caused harm to Madhu, in fact almost showing him to be a villain, causing harm to her family as well, and then forcefully marrying her. But, now, the serial has turned its direction, showing […]

Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – More problems for Ichcha, she testifies and her son sentenced to 5 years in jail

There are a few serials that specialize in showing the pain of the hero or heroine, with a number of episodes showing the pain and humiliation she suffers over a period of time, and then there will be 1-2 episodes that show the truth coming out and then the pain and humiliation continues again. This […]

Hindi TV Serial – Bade Ache Lagte Hain – The custody trial just about to happen

The serial is heading towards another conflict point. For quite some time, the serial has been showing a slowly developing closeness between Ram and Priya, very different from the reunion between Ram and Priya after a gap of 5 years where Ram was very angry that Priya had his child and did not even tell […]