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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Woman turns up to confront Harish about affair

The serial is finally reaching a disclosure point. Adi has always been afraid of relationships because of the break between his parents, something which has caused him a lot of pain. Some weeks back, it was revealed that the reason that Avantika was so angry with Harish and broke up with him was because of […]

Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – RK and Madhu now close together

For some time now, the show was showing the conflict between RK and Madhu (and her family). RK was shown as a supremely arrogant, having become a superstar within the period of 5 years of entering the film industry. At the same time, Madhu and her family are shown as a family with a different […]

Hindi TV Serial – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Naitik finally out of coma, his son very disturbed

For some time, the serial has been showing Naitik in a coma. Apparently, since the character playing Naitik had got married in real life, he needed some free time and so the serial was structured to show Naitik in a coma since that would not require much of screen appearance (else why would the actor […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – 15 days are up, Pankhuri attacked

The serial is finally getting over the 15 day interval that was prescribed before Adi and Pankhuri could come together. During this time, there was some drama, including the fact that Mami was suspicious about why Nanaji was wanting to change his will (she was very suspicious that Nanaji wanted to write out Rubel from […]