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Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivaah – Yash puts Aarti’s photos on the wall, but ..

In numerous Hindi TV Serials, it has been shown time and time again that relations between a husband and wife is based on truth, and when things are hidden, it can very quickly get problematic. Most of the time what happens is that they show the good wife hiding something from the husband, but not with bad intentions. It could be something that could hurt him, or it was something that she was doing in his favor, or it concerned something in her past that was not told to her husband but there were no other problems as such. It was the same thing in the current serial. When the marriage happened, Yash’s family was told that Aarti was married before and was a widow, hiding the fact that her ex-husband was alive (and that she was a divorcee, not a widow). Yash’s family wanted a widow for Yash (who was also a widower, not a divorcee) and this was a fact that was hidden from his family. Aarti was very troubled by this fact that the truth was not known to Yash and felt that this could cause problems, even more so when Prashanth came into the picture and even came into Yash’s life as a friend.
Over a period of time, Yash had made it clear to Aarti that he was still deeply in love with his ex-wife and that she could never take this position. Aarti was by now deeply in love with Yash but had become reconciled to the fact that her position would always be second, even though Yash was a perfect father to her son, not having a different position from his own daughters. However, one day she suddenly saw a change. The day before Yash had put photos with Aarti on the wall, and she did not see these photos when she went in to the room and lay down, this was a big disappointment to Yash; the next day when Aarti got up, she saw all these photos on the wall and was very happy.
But at the same time, Yash also met the mechanic who had seen both Aarti and Prashant the previous day and got to know from him that she was there earlier, and this could be a big problem since he does not know what is happening, and this leads to suspicion.

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