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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Court order for Siddhi and Anands to stay with Kunal

The story sweeps round and round, seems like a circle. Basic problem: Other people manipulate the situation, Siddhi tries to solve everything on her own but she ends up being seen as the wrong person, criticized by everyone and is not able to (or does not want to) explain the situation properly. Kunal is shown as the guy who remains in love with Siddhi, but is impulsive and angry, and is persuaded that Siddhi is not really in love with him and has told her so many times (even when he has understood the problem she has faced, but when faced with a situation again, again he gets persuaded that she is telling him a lie). The last time such a thing happened when Siddhi was forced to marry Abhay, and as usual she did not try to tell Kunal the whole situation, and he understood the situation as he saw it.
Now, things are more critical. Siddhi is apparently married to Abhay, and Kunal wants custody of his other Anand (he has recently learned that the other Anand is also his son, while Abhay is hyper over wanting the custody of the child). Both the children have learnt that they are brothers, and they decide that they want to be with each other, and hence run away together. All of the grown ups go after them, but then the children are kidnapped. It is then that Vikram returns to the serial, since he is the one who finds them and brings them back.
In the custody case, it is the Anand living with Kunal who makes the final punches, claiming that he wants to live with his mother and father, and then is able to convince the court that Kunal had not really signed the divorce papers and hence the divorce has not happened. Kunal then wants a divorce, but the judge goes through the legal process, saying that Siddhi and Kunal must live together for 6 months before they can proceed with a divorce; the kids are over-joyed, while Abhay, Richa and Thakral are devastated. The judge also declared the marriage of Siddhi and Abhay as void, since her divorce has not happened.

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