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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Priya hands over Pihu to Ram instead of court case

Twists keep on turning up in the serial on a regular basis. Currently, the biggest issue was the custody case filed by Ram where he wants custody of Pihu. He was shocked when he got to know that Priya was alive, and even more so when he knew that he also had a daughter called Pihu, and that Priya had hidden this from him, and deprived him of the pleasure of seeing the birth of Pihu, her growing up, and so on. One cannot really fault him for this anger, especially since his main point is that Priya deprived him of the company of Pihu for 5 years, and he wants to do the same to Priya, and after 5 years where Pihu will stay with him, then they can have the discussion again.
For Priya, this whole approach is very difficult. First, she thought she was doing the right thing by staying away from Ram, and was shocked when she saw the anger in his eyes, and even though over a period of time that anger has reduced, it has now really gone away all that much. Ram is still determined to get the custody of Pihu and is willing to do whatever is required for the same. He gets angry with Rajat when he sees that Rajat is supporting Priya, and even breaks off the business partnership (of course, it gets even worse since he knows that Rajat is also in love with Priya).
At the same time, Priya is worried about the impact of such a case on Pihu, and after Ram was shot in the party, she is very concerned about whatever is happening and does not want any further problems to Ram. So, she takes a radical decision, and just before they head inside the court, she tells Ram that she does not want to have a court case for the custody, and hands over Pihu to Ram. Ram, and Vikram and Rajat who are also there are shocked and speechless, although Rajat does give Ram more advise after this has happened. Ram is of course very happy to get the company of Pihu and takes her home.

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