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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – 15 days are up, Pankhuri attacked

The serial is finally getting over the 15 day interval that was prescribed before Adi and Pankhuri could come together. During this time, there was some drama, including the fact that Mami was suspicious about why Nanaji was wanting to change his will (she was very suspicious that Nanaji wanted to write out Rubel from the will). So, Rubel and she decided to get the will out of his safe in the night (she had already got keys made for the same) and they took the will out, read it (and all it did was to add Pankhuri to the will). However, during this event, first Pankhuri and then Nanaji saw Rubel with the will, and he was very angry, asking Rubel about how Rubel managed to get inside his safe. Rubel was equally angry about his property now had Pankhuri also being added to the claimants, since she was an outsider. The net result was that Mami realized that Rubel is no longer in the good books of Nanaji, and it would be only Avantika who could ensure that things were fine for him now.
The next major event that turned things around was the attack on Pankhuri. When Pankhuri, Avantika and Nanaji were traveling to the court, some hoodlums tried to get involved. The idea was to ensure that at that time, Rubel would get involved along with some friends to save these, but this backfired. The hoodlums got provoked by the action of Pankhuri and Nanaji and attacked both of them, with Pankhuri getting injured badly enough to require hospitalization. This was a shocker, with the family badly shocked by this, and since they also had the details of the license and car which was involved, they are also working with the police to identify the people involved. Adi was shocked, else he would have remembered that Rubel had threatened Pankhuri since she was not willing to take the case back.
Now the preparations are on for the 25th wedding anniversary of Harish and Avantika, with everybody looking forward to this. In the meantime, Mami, using her power of the stolen keys, had got to know that the reason for the separation of Harish and Avantika was the abortion that Harish had gotten for somebody and is now figuring out the best point to make use of this information.

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