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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Woman turns up to confront Harish about affair

The serial is finally reaching a disclosure point. Adi has always been afraid of relationships because of the break between his parents, something which has caused him a lot of pain. Some weeks back, it was revealed that the reason that Avantika was so angry with Harish and broke up with him was because of his signature on an abortion request in a hospital many years back, something that Avantika saw. When Avantika asked Harish about this, he refused to say anything which reinforced her suspicion that Harish was having an affair. When this came up recently and Adi heard about this, he also confronted his father who also refused to provide him any more details; this made Adi so angry that he broke off his engagement.
After this, due to a problem at the marriage of Pankhuri, Adi steps in and gets married to Pankhuri. This causes some problems in both sets of families, but things are getting resolved to some extent. The attack on Pankhuri makes Avantika worried about Pankhuri, and she unbends enough to get more friendly with Pankhuri, telling Pankhuri that there is no reason for Pankhuri to be afraid of Avantika.
The joker in the whole pack is Mami, who is very angry over the fact that the family business is basically being run by Avantika, and her husband, the son of the house seems to have a secondary position. This is increased by the fact that Adi is involved in the business, seems to be running well, and recently Nanaji also stated that if Avantika and Harish are reconciled, he will gladly hand over the whole business to them. So Mami does some sleuthing, gets into the safe of Avantika, and gets the abortion document which has the signature of Harish.
Next, at the actual celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of Harish and Avantika, Mami has arranged a surprise. She gets some lady (from Kullu) to come and harass Harish about being his love, about being the one who he was having an affair with, and finally makes the statement with the abortion document. Now, Avantika has already seen the abortion document, and hence this makes it somewhat believable, but this is when Preeti steps in and declares that the abortion was of her.

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