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Hindi TV Serial – CID – a 4 episode sequence where ACP Pradyuman resigns

For some time, there has been an ongoing story going on about how the character (Shivaji Satam) playing ACP Pradyuman has resigned from the serial, which would be a surprise since the serial has been going on for a very long time and the ACP along with Senior Inspectors Abhijeet and Daya are the main characters of the serial. And for some time now, the serial has also been showing the DCP, DCP Chitroley, who has been against the ACP but has not really been able to take any action against him since the success rate of the CID has been pretty good and the team has been entirely supportive.
However, in a complicated case involving marriages, a marriage bureau, a bride who has been running away, and smuggling of girls, the serial after a long time shows conflict in terms of the ACP resigning from the service (or rather, being forced to resign from the service since the DCP shows a video that would show the ACP running away from a girl who gets killed in a bomb blast – this is shown as cowardice by the ACP and he is also not willing to explain what happened – even to his own team). The DCP finally manages to get what he wanted, his own choice of ACP but the team is not very cooperative, and his choice of ACP is also not somebody who is able to inspire the team.
So, the 4 episode series starts with a bride in full bridal dress in a car, trying to escape from some people and using a gun to get the car stopped. She is pursued by some people and is then saved by the ACP who drops her off at the entrance of her housing colony. When the ACP goes there the next night, he is not able to locate her or anybody who has heard of her, causing all his suspicions to get raised, and then the investigation is started. And soon after, there is an explosion and the DCP comes with a video that shows the ACP running away; something that causes surprise to the team but they have still full faith in him. And then starts an investigation where Pradyuman is working in the marriage bureau that is the place of suspicion, and the team in the CID is also trying to figure out what happened. Finally, the ACP and the team manage to prevent the girls from being smuggled, and he comes back to the CID as a hero.

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