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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Ache Lagte Hain – Coming together of Neha and Vikram, Pihu runs away

The serial is moving towards some serious stuff if the recent promos are to be believed. Tension in marriage and the sudden appearance of an illegitimate son can be serious stuff, but it is a purely family related matter, not anything to do with crime. But the promos are showing that Pihu is in the hands of some hoodlums, and given that she is the daughter of a very rich man, that can be a very serious matter.
The serial has partially resolved a very serious matter. The separation between Vikram and Neha was due to the sudden arrival of an illegitimate son of Neha, before her marriage with Vikram, and his presence in the scene created upheaval in the entire family. The serial never fully explained as to why this lead to a divorce between Vikram and Neha, and given that the process of filing for a divorce and actually getting it can take some time, things are not so clear. If there was no pressure from anybody, why they filed for a divorce seems pretty strange. The presence of Rehan threatened everybody in the family, with Vikram finding it hard to adjust. However, in the end, Ram and Priya take a decidedly melodramatic way to ensure that they decide to get together again, by showcasing as if Neha is getting married to somebody else, a process that ensures that Vikram realizes what is about to happen and comes in to prevent this from happening.
The relation between Ram and Piya is more complicated, and the tension, especially the negative behavior shown by Ayesha is strange. When Mamaji, who is advising her on the right things to do, which is to ensure that Pihu gets very friendly with Ayesha and starts treats her like a mother figure would be the way to cement her place in the household, the serial has Ayesha instead reacting in exactly the opposite way. It is almost like Ayesha is telling Ram to come and kick her out of the house, especially if Ram sees Ayesha behaving like this or Pihu comes and tells Ram about somebody like this. Pihu is getting very scared of the behavior of Ayesha, and is scared to go back to the house, and decides to go from the school to Priya’s house, but she does not know the way. So, now it would seem that she is lost and comes in the hands of some gangsters.

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