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Hindi TV Serials – Sasural Simar Ka – Roli is staking everything to get back the family property

The serial is going through a high dose of drama, although this particular series has been going on for a long time. The actress playing Khushi must be so happy, since she has a got a powerful and important role in the serial for a matter of so many weeks. Khushi, so much unlike her name, is out to totally control the house, and in fact has been managing to do that for some time now. She has the house and riches in her name, and makes the others in the family do what she wants, including doing household chores, humiliating them anytime she wants, and even re-naming the family sweets shop (something that made the rest of the family very angry).
In order to stop this from continuing, and in order to get the family riches back from Khushi, Roli decides to play the same kind of trick. She starts to attract the attention of Veeru, since she figures that is the way to get Khushi to do something. So she changes her dresses, becomes more modern, and starts going to the disco at night (when her husband and others in the family are not awake – only mausiji knows what Roli is trying to do and is supporting her at this).
Over a period of time, Roli gets closer to Veeru, and she keeps on taunting him about how he has nothing, it is all Khushi and in fact if Khushi so decides, Veeru has nothing. Veeru gets angry at this and decides to get everything from Khushi by tricking her to sign the document which will transfer everything. However, he also has a condition to Roli, that he will only do this if she signs a divorce with Siddharth, and then only do the document stuff to get everything from Khushi.
This is something that is a shocker for Roli, she genuinely loves Siddharth and this will also mean that others in the family will get to know. In between, we are all exposed to a continuing series of tears from Simar since she does find out that Roli is going out, and doing other stuff that the family members do not know about. And then comes the divorce petition where Roli convinces everybody that she is doing this seriously since she is tired of living like a good bahu, she wants more in life and so on. Finally Simar gets to know the truth, but they still need to go ahead with this move. In between Siddharth has to leave for 3 days and Roli hopes that everything will be fine when he comes back.

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