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Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Threat to kill Ansh if Yash and Aarti do not get divorced

The drama regarding the kidnapping of Ansh has not yet finished. Even though Prashant died in the fight with Yash, Ansh was not yet to be found. The situation is getting very traumatic for Aarti and Yash, but they are unable to find Ansh. To some extent, Yash suspects that his father is the one behind the kidnapping since he wanted a divorce between Yash and Aarti, and striking at Ansh was a way to strike at the weakest point of Aarti; and he also supported Prashant in the effort to win the child custody of Ansh, something that was finally defeated in court where the judge gave custody to Yash and Aarti. The serial also shows a new character Aakash (Akshay Dogra) who is shown as coming to be the driver in the Scinidia household, and who is also shown to the one who has actually done the kidnapping.
And now they show Yash very apologetic over the suspicion of his father when he sees his father being very cooperative with the police when they are trying to find Ansh, and he expresses his apologies to his father right away after that; and also tells the same to Aarti that he was very sorry about suspecting his father to be involved in the case.
And then they show a man (Akash) to be taking a video of Ansh (and where Ansh almost gets away since he finds the car keys that would cause the car security system to beep and does create a disturbance, but is then caught again by Aakash before he could get away). He finally places a CD in front of the doorway of Yash, and Yash then chases after him in a chase sequence, is able to catch him in a sequence, but then loses his grip. With the police, he then describes how he had injured the man who had run away after leaving the CD in their house, and so they search for doctors who would have treated a man injured in the leg, and in the promo for the next version, a doctor does admit to treating somebody. Also, they also show them getting ready to sign the divorce agreement, and also have to agree that Yash will marry somebody else within the next 7 days.

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