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Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – Urmila kidnaps baby boy for Rashi, in trouble now

The serial keeps on showing twists in the serial. Right now, there is a further problem related to the issue about a baby for Rashi. For some time now, Urmila had been pushing Rashi that she will be deprived of any rights in the house, because Gopi is having a baby. This used to cause Rashi despair from time to time, but she was not able to get pregnant. However, this got more complicated when finally Gopi gave birth to a baby girl, and the whole family was wrapped around the baby girl. This increased because of the problem that the baby girl, Meera, was very comfortable and attached to Rashi, in fact Rashi would be the one to hold her when Meera would start crying. This increased the pitch for Rashi to have a baby of her own, but this was not be so easy.
Rashi even tried for adoption, going through the formalities. However, in the stage when the family is evaluated for their environment and for the ability to take care of a baby, there were problems where the evaluators found Rashi responding unkindly to some street kids, and gave her the conclusion that they did not approve of her behavior and as a result, she would not be eligible to get a baby through adoption, atleast for now. The family protested a lot, but the result remained the same.
Finally Urmila took matters in her hand, and decided to get a baby by short-circuiting some of the processes, picking up a baby from the orphanage. However, this was not done with all the required formalities, and this would cause tension that would increase steadily. After they got the baby home, the actual mother of the baby decided that even though she was under pressure because of being unmarried, she was not willing to give her baby up for adoption and wanted the baby back. Urmila and Rashi thought that they had managed to evade the mother, but she caught up with them later.
She told them that she wanted the baby back, but Urmila came up with an alternative whereby the mother, Alka could come live with them, and hence could be close to her baby. However, this was not so easy to do. Rashi was not able to create a situation where she could get Alka to the house, although she tried and tried. Finally she was able to create a situation where Alka was in the house, but things get more complicated when she behaves in such a way that the rest of the family, especially Kokila, got suspicious of her behavior.

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