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Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivaah – Yash and Aarti planning to marry SP and Radha but ..

The presence of Akash in the house finally claimed a major victim, with Gayathri bowing out of the serial. Actually, the actress who was playing the role of Gayathri was suffering an illness and needed to get out of the serial, and so the serial finally planned an exit for her. They changed her behavior in the serial, causing her to become more and more in favor of Akash and against Yash and Aarti, to the extent that it almost seemed that she wanted to get rid of them. If anything happened, she would take the side of Akash, and threatened to throw boiling hot water on Aarti because somebody had thrown water on Akash (ignoring the fact that Aarti is supposed to be pregnant). Finally, the serial showed her dying, and this was traumatic to everyone in the house.
Now, the serial shows Yash and Aarti trying to figure out what should be next. Their father is now alone, and is still of an age where he needs a companion and there is somebody already there with whom he was in love a long time back and had a child with as well (Yash). So, both Aarti and yash come up with this idea, and decide that they will try and make this a reality. However, there is a new villain in the house, in the form of Ishita, who overhears this, and decides that she will prevent this from happening. She hates Yash and Aarti (or rather wants Yash, but does not like the fact that he is dedicated to Aarti).
So she creates a scene in the house which will scandalize everyone and prevent this sort of marriage from happening. She drugs Radha, and causes her to land up in SP’s bed in her drugged state, and then brings the entire household there. SP cannot believe how this came to happen, denies any knowledge of what has happened, the same with Radha. Buaji scolds Radha incredibly, hard enough that Radha comes back to her room and wonders about what is happening to her life. On the other hand, Yash and Aarti cannot believe that Radha or their father can do something like this, and want to find out who is responsible for this.

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