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Hindi Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hai – Shock for Ram and Priya, what is Ayesha upto

The serial now seems to be in a bit of dragging mode, where they are taking the reconciliation between Sid and Ayesha currently, only to end with a surprise. The plan was for the family to arrange circumstances so that it would seem that Sid and Ayesha have no other choice but to get married, since that is what Ayesha apparently wanted for quite some time, while even though Sid wants to have a free life and is not particularly eager for marriage, Ayesha is the one who has all the cards. She has the money, she has the property, she can hire the lawyers who can help Sid, and if Sid is not eager, then it would be total trouble for him.
So, the marriage is supposed to happen shortly, and there is a schedule for Ram and Priya, since the court case against Sid is due, and they want him to get married before that. The apparent reason is also because this marriage and son would show him to be a family man and the lawyers have told him that it would help him in his case. So, all reasons for Sid to go ahead for the marriage. Also, Ram lets him try and shake some of his suspicions by seeing a legal document which talks about all the property going to Ayesha because of the marriage.
There is a big hiccup before the marriage, where there is a bachelor’s party ongoing for Sid. Ram and Vikram have organized the party, to the extent of getting a dancer there, and ensuring that Sid gets totally drunk. He starts hugging the dancer, and trying to act intimate, at which point, to the horror of Ram, Ayesha comes in. She takes a look at what is happening and gets very angry. Since she has the money, she cannot believe as to how Sid is behaving, and slaps him and tells him that the marriage is off.
The next day, Sid is now awake and is told about what has happened. On his own, he is incapable of doing anything, and is helped by Ram who tells him how to try and get Ayesha back. They arrange a meeting with Ayesha, who is reluctant, but who agrees for meeting him for 10 minutes. Vikram and Neha are now in charge of the reconciliation process, and they try to smooth things over, arranging for a poolside table with flowers. And then, Sid tries to force Ayesha to have some chocolate, and this chocolate actually contains a ring. Ayesha starts shedding tears at this one, and agrees for the marriage.
Now, the marriage preparations have happened, with the marriage now in progress. As the pheras are happening, you see the police approaching, and this would be a problem, since the marriage needs to happen. She has called the police and is getting Sid arrested. Everybody is stunned about what has happened to Ayesha and what will now happen to the plan ?

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