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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – The search for a bride for Jagya, while Sanchi is again troubled ..

The serial is now moving on 2 different regions, focusing on the life of Jagya and that of Anandi with Shiv. So, while Anandi has been accepted by all in the family as a perfect wife for Shiv, and she in turn has been doing her best to do thing everything right for the family, Sanchi remains troubled. Initially she considered Anandi as not right for her brother because of her divorcee and rural status, but some speaking of English and some modern behavior shut that up. Further, since everybody in the house was in favor of Anandi, Sanchi was not getting support for of her suspicions and fear. And then Sanchi got injured and it was Jagya who cared for her while she was in hospital. Jagya made a very positive impression on Sanchi, to the extent that Sanchi now cannot believe that Jagya was in any way responsible for the divorce, and it would have been Jagya’s fault. She does express that at home, but she is put down, and her feelings are questioned as to why she is after Anandi.
On the other hand, at the haveli, everybody feels that it is time for Jagya to get re-married; he is still young and this will ensure that he has stability in life. So, a quest starts out to get him a partner and in a matter of social forwardness, the family is willing to look at divorcees as well. They finally zero in one such divorcee, but the family is out to get a rich and powerful guy, and this is overhead by Ganga. She tells this at home after some thought, and they realize that that this family was not the desired family for Jagya.
Anandi makes a cake for the family and tells Sanchi about her place, and so, the nature of Sanchi exhibits itself again. She changes the settings of the oven so that the cake will get burnt, which will spoil the plan of Anandi. And so it happens – the cake does get burnt. However, Anandi quickly modifies the cake and adds a lot of cut fruit so that the cake looks more delicious, and when she shows this to everybody, they praise her even more, which causes Sanchi to wonder as to what went wrong in her plan.
And then comes the news of a bridge disaster. Since Shiv is the collector, he has to rush over there. It is a major disaster with a lot of relief operations, and Shiv also donates some blood over there. He comes in late, and then the incident where Shiv badly scolds Anandi for the first time. In order to make sure that Shiv gets some more sleep, Anandi removes the alarm and puts his phone on silent mode. When Shiv gets up, he is shocked as to how he did not get up. He confronts Anandi in front of his family and tells her that he had a meeting with the chief minister which has been missed because of her actions, and runs off. Anandi is shocked, and Sanchi also tells her off for doing something like this. The family supports Anandi and tells Sanchi that Anandi was just thinking of Shiv (but it is strange to do something like this – when a major disaster takes place, you would expect that his schedule will be a bit upset for some time atleast).

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