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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Jalandhar decides to enter the battle field

With the death of Vritrasur at the hands of Indira, things should have been better for Indira. However, having had an earlier experience with Jalandhar, he knows the power of Jalandhar even as a child, and knows that this will be a problem for him. So, typically when Indira lands in trouble, he will go to one of the 3 – Brahma, Vishnu or Mahadev. Lord Brahma normally can provide advice, but not weapon capability and the problem with going to Mahadev is that Indira will have to listen to some amount of scolding from him. So, Indira decides to go to Lord Vishnu for support and lands up there asking for help. He initially itself claims that he has done wrong, but that it is Vishnu’s duty to help the Devas out in this time of problem, and he should finally use the Sudarshan Chakra against Jalandhar.
At this, he faces opposition that he would not have thought about. Lakshmiji’s voice rings out and she tells Indira that she will never allow this and proceeds to explain. Jalandhar has been adopted by Samundradev, and since Samnudra dev is also her father, this makes Jalandhar her brother and so she will not allow Lord Vishnu to do this. Also, she uses this occasion to scold Indira for his forever quest to make mistakes and then go running to Lord Vishnu or Mahadev for help. This time, he should do things his own way. Lord Vishnu also pipes up, and says that since Indira explained his dharma to him earlier, his dharma tells him that he cannot harm the brother of his wife, and hence Indira should not expect any help from Vishnu.
Indira is very disappointed, but then they show him that he starts smiling, that he will this quest not by the force of arms, but by using his wits. At the same time, they show Parvati in her quest for learning more from her guru (who is Mahadev in disguise). He is taking her through different quests in order to jog her memory. He places a damru in her path, and when she picks it up, traces of her memory flash back into her mind. She sees memories of her childhood and with sadhus nearby, this causes her a lot of shock, and she puts the damru down.
There is a confrontation between Jalandhar and Vrinda. Vrinda says that she will treat the devas as well as the asuras, since that is her duty. Jalandhar is very shocked, and confronts her about why she wants to help their mortal enemies, the devas. She sticks to her stand, and says that in the end, that this would probably be the last time that they will meet.

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