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Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – Distrust between Madhu and RK

The serial is in a very confused state right now. Ever since RK brought back Madhu back to his house by force, things have been very confusing for the viewers of the serial with the makers of the serial trying some twists and turns. Maybe this is so that viewers can try to make their own thoughts about what will happen in the future, and this will be somewhat of a surprise rather than for serials where the story is predictable.
Madhu was angry over RK’s behavior, but then they showed her not moving out of the house and also telling her mother that she was there for some work and not because of any other reason. Padmini was worried that Madhu might be going back to RK, and since she has seen the horrible and arrogant behavior of RK earlier, she does not want that to happen to RK. In the household, Dipali is equally confused about what is happening. She suspects that there is something false behind what is happening, but RK behaves very rudely with her and is not above dismissing anything she says in front of other members of the family, something that causes her embarrassment. As a result, she is not able to convey her feelings to RK, and now that Madhu seems to have developed more confidence, Madhu also replies back to her and even twisted her hands to show to Dipali that just as she can cause pain to others, Madhu also has the capability to cause pain to Dipali.
Madhu is now behaving in a way where she is trying to allay all the suspicions of RK, trying to show that she loves RK a lot. While earlier she spoke rudely with Sultan when he expressed some concern for her, recently she met him within the premises of RK’s bungalow, something that RK was able to see in a camera that was showing the discussion between Madhu and Sultan. This causes his to get more suspicious of Madhu. Madhu also decides to meet her mother who was very angry with her, and told her that her quest this time is to take revenge, to break the arrogance and pride of RK.
In his suspicion, RK decides to get Madhu to a restaurant where Sultan also comes on a daily basis, and gets romantic with Madhu in front of Sultan. This causes Sultan to start to get agitated, but Madhu signals him to stay down and not worry about what is happening. And when RK asks Madhu about what she can do to show her love for him, she moves towards the edge of the terrace, as if to jump from the terrace. RK is shocked at what is happening and moves to stop her.
The biggest issue is about whether this is because RK is letting her get her own version of revenge, which will remove the problems against him that she has, or is this because of his arrogance and he does not care about what is happening with her.

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