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Hindi TV Serial – Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke – Charu finally exposed, taken away by police

Some good news for the family. Ever since Charu lodged a false came of injury and harassment, Mayank was very angry at whatever had happened. However, he wanted to take his time till he could prove that her statements was false, and so till that time, he wanted to be like a good and honest husband who would take her side; like somebody who had learned his lesson. After all, Charu always told him that she did love him a lot, and that if he was good to her, everything would be fine. He got together with Rachna and decided to make up some proof that would scare Charu. This involved mocking up photos so that it would seem that Charu was caught photographed while setting fire to herself and also trying to injure her inlaws. And then Rachna started torturing Charu by calling her at different intervals and telling her about what had happened, and asking her for money and asking her to come to a isolated place.
Charu is increasingly shocked at what was happening and suspects that somebody in the house is doing this, and this would be the work of Gunjan, since Charu had told Gunjan to leave the house in order to ensure that Charu makes everything proper again. So, Gunjan agrees to the relation her father brings for her, in the form of Aditya. She tried to dispel all illusions that everybody would have regarding whether this relationship was agreeable to her or now, telling everybody and also Aditya that she was very happy with this engagement and with Aditya.
On the other hand, during the engagement, Charu was called for another meeting with money. She was determined to this time cause harm to the person who was torturing her like this, while Mayank had the police along with him. They do need to ensure that Charu admits on her own that she did all this, and although she does not make the admission earlier, after some more mental pressure, she admits to everything. She even tries to knife the person who seems to be doing this, but that is just a dummy kept there. And then Rachna appears in front of her, and when Charu, very angry tries to move towards Rachna, police woman come in front of her and stop her. And then Maayak also appears there and tells her that now things are over, now her game is over.
The police take her away, while she is still threatening everybody. On the other hand, Gunjan still does not know what has happened, and Rachna tells her on the phone that she will tell a surprise when they get back. When Rachna asks Mayank that the engagement can now stop, he tells her that Gunjan has moved too far ahead and they cannot go back to what was there earlier.

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